by cat garcia.

When Extremists Come Out to the Ballgame

By now, most folks know that earlier this month there was uproar surrounding the Los Angeles Dodgers 10th annual Pride Night scheduled on June 16. Earlier in June, the Dodgers invited the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to be honored at the event. Bombarded by conservative outrage, the team then rescinded their invite to the LA chapter of the LGBTQ+ charity organization, caving to pressure from the right faster than a Target executive could ever dream of. But then bombarded again, this time by L

Why The Mass Migration To Parler is So Scary

On November 1st, most people hadn’t heard of Parler. Not because it’s a new social media platform, Parler has been on the grid since 2018. In June of 2020, the free-speech focused platform boasted a user base of 1.5 million. That’s not a small number for a fringe social platform — Parler clearly had created its own niche-space among it’s competition. Now, fast-forward to Election week. Parler has 4 million users, surging in downloads (It was Apple’s #1 most downloaded app that week) as Facebook

Pandemic to Protests: How newly elected Gov.

In New York this past April, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s coronavirus briefings reached nearly 30,000 viewers daily. In Illinois, where Chicago saw one of the first and largest outbreaks of COVID-19 in the country, Governor J.B. Pritzker’s briefings reached an average of 25,000 viewers daily as he and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot placed heavy restrictions on Chicagoans. But over in the more modest commonwealth of Kentucky, newly elected Democratic Governor Andy Beshear’s daily briefings were peakin